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Hikers Set Off on Celebrated Trail

Hiking boots? Check. Trail guides? Check. Water, food, tents; check, check and check!

Just a small part of the prep work in hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, a pathway through stark deserts, deep forests, canyons, mountain passes and past lakes. The trail winds 2,650 miles from Campo near the Mexican border all the way through California, Oregon and Washington to Canada. 

For thousands of hikers, it all started this past weekend at Lake Morena County Park in Campo. While some will travel only a few miles, others will hike the trail’s entire length. But first, they celebrated the start of the 2013 hiking season by attending seminars, brushing up on the latest trail conditions, getting wilderness permits and yes, making those last-minute equipment checks. They also gathered to swap stories, inspire beginners and offer guidance to their fellow adventurers. 

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Check out some of the photos sure to make their scrapbooks!