Public Safety

Make the County Part of Your Social Network

Even before the Big Blackout of 2011, we all knew we should have flashlights and battery-powered AM radios.

But the blackout showed many San Diego County residents that social media is now also important during a disaster.
So it’s not out of vanity we’re urging you to  follow the County on Twitter and  “like” us on Facebook. We want you in our network,  because we intend to keep you informed through these new media…in an emergency, and every day. 

As part of your basic disaster preparations,  you’ll also want to register your cell phone, VOIP line, and email address with AlertSanDiego, the regional notification system that disseminates disaster information by phone message, text message and email. 

Information — “what’s going on?” and “what should I do?” — that’s the first thing that most of us want when disaster, or potential disaster, strikes.

During the recent blackout, the County’s social media was a thorough and authoritative source of information— even as our televisions, computers and lights went dark. The County sent out 123 “tweets” during the blackout.

A  traditional press conference with government and utility officials was covered in vain by television cameras, because most peoples’ televisions weren’t working. But  the County  tweeted the news conference as it happened, summarizing key pieces of  information in 140 characters or less. 
In the areas where cellular telephone service continued, our Twitter followers were informed and reassured on smart phones.

If you check out the County’s Twitter feed and Facebook account, you’ll see we’ve embraced social media as a way of reaching the public directly. That means we’re ready to use it effectively in an emergency.

So to stay connected to your County government, follow us on Twitter; “like” us on Facebook. The County’s social media are updated each day with news and event listings on the vast range of County services, including parks and recreation, libraries, public safety and public health.

We think you’ll find us an important everyday member of your social network, and in the event of an emergency, an indispensible one. 

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