More Rain; More Sandbags

More rain? More sandbags.

Weather officials are predicting San Diego County could see its heaviest rains of the winter — maybe the heaviest in several years — starting Wednesday night and running through early next week.

So the County Department of Public Works, the County Fire Authority and CAL FIRE have an expanded list of places where residents in unincorporated areas can get free sand and/or bags to help them protect their properties from potential flooding and erosion.

The expanded list includes 15 fire stations and spots where residents can get free sand and bags — all they have to do is bring a shovel to fill them — and another 29 stations giving out free bags. Because different locations are offering sand and bags, just bags, or are asking people to bring shovels to put sand into bags themselves, people should call ahead to check.

Weather officials are predicting that three separate storms could bring the county up to six straight days of rain, swell area streams and even bring flash flooding.

Rain can bring flooding and erosion, especially in areas that are not covered by grass, trees, shrubs and plants. It can sweep water runoff, mud and debris downstream where it can damage homes, clog storm drains, culverts and flood and damage roadways.

Proper use of sandbags can help direct waters away from homes and properties. People who have slopes on their land can use mulch, or terrace their slopes and plant groundcovers and shrubs to keep them from eroding.

For more information about how to be prepared for flooding, go to the County Office of Emergency Services Flooding webpage.

You may also want to check out this how-to video — “You’ve Got Your Sandbags; Now What?” — that the County put together last year before El Niño. It explains how to properly fill and use sandbags to protect your property!


Gig Conaughton is a communications specialist with the County of San Diego Communications Office. Contact