Once-Lost Dog Recovering From Amputation Needs Forever Home

A once-lost dog who had to have a leg amputated is on the mend and looking to change her luck in 2012 with a loving forever home.

“Fergie,” a 1-year-old pit bull, went missing from her Dulzura home in September. She had been missing about two months when she arrived as a stray at the County Animal Shelter in Bonita.

While lost, Fergie was apparently hit by a car. By the time she reached the shelter, an injury had healed improperly and she could not use her right rear leg. She was also underweight and dehydrated.

The dog’s leg had to be amputated to eliminate her constant pain, a surgery that was made possible by the County’s all-donation Spirit Fund.

“This was a sad situation, but Fergie should be able to live a full life without her leg,” said Dawn Danielson, Director of County Animal Services. “We thank all the people who have donated to our Spirit Fund, which allows us to do the extraordinary care that normally we could not pay for.”

FergieFergie is recovering well from her surgery and two-month misadventure. Within two weeks of arriving at the shelter, she went from 34 to 46 pounds.

The dog’s owner was eventually located, but he could not provide the necessary care for her and decided to give her up.

For more information, contact the County Department of Animal Services at 619-767-2675 or visit