State Audit Affirms Work of County Nurses

A recent report by the California State Auditor focusing on County of San Diego Public Health Nursing programs concluded that the County appropriately used its surge plan to address the regional outbreak of hepatitis A, and that its public health nurses are effectively meeting the health needs of children and families they serve.

Audit Report 2017-124, released on Thursday, also found that the County’s public health nurse programs are adequately funded.

The report focused on measures of efficient use of public health nurses, which do not exist statewide.

As stated by the auditors in the report: “We acknowledge… that currently there are no required or generally accepted standards for measuring and assessing (public health nurse) caseloads and workloads.”

Although the report concluded that County public health nursing programs are successfully meeting goals for providing services, it did recommend the County develop efficiency measures for utilizing its nurses.

“We believe the ultimate measure of success is whether we are delivering services effectively, which this report confirms our nurses are achieving,” said Nick Macchione, Director of the County Health and Human Services Agency. “However, we stand ready to work with the State of California to develop standardized efficiency measures that can be used by all California counties.”