VIDEO: Tips to Prevent Mosquito Breeding in Your Backyard

We don’t get that much rain here in San Diego county, but it only takes a little bit of sitting water to attract mosquitoes.

County mosquito expert Chris Conlan shows you what kind of items you might have in your backyard that mosquitoes will find their way to.

If it can hold water for a week or longer, it does have the potential to breed mosquitoes.

Chris Conlan, Department of Environmental Health

Some examples include:

  • rain gutters
  • rain barrels
  • saggy tarps
  • kid toys and pools
  • watering cans

Watch Conlan take us through a backyard and then check out your own yard for potential mosquito-breeding environments.

You can learn all about these vectors, including how to protect yourself and how to report mosquito activity, at the County’s Environmental Health site.

Suzanne Bartole is a multimedia designer with the County of San Diego Communications Office.