Virtual Celebration, Real Fun — County’s Earth Day 2021!

earth day graphic

The celebration is virtual, but the fun is real — San Diego County’s Virtual Earth Day Fair is back!

Each week, we get closer to reopening to a new normal, getting back outside and playing. But until then the County of San Diego is ready to help everyone celebrate Earth Day 2021 virtually through the Land Use and Environment Group’s Earth Day webpage.

The site is filled with fun and education for kids and parents alike. You can play games, solve puzzles, take virtual hikes in our County parks, get hiking tips from a County park ranger, watch animated video stories about whales and watersheds, sing the Earth song, learn about beekeeping and invasive bugs, explore and travel around the world — even walk on Mars right in your living room!

You can go on an Earth Day scavenger hunt, take part in a citizen scientist contest, visit Stonehenge, learn how to protect our planet and become a better Earthling, learn how to Recycle Right, what we can all do to keep pollution out of our air and water and how to properly plant a tree.

You can sign up for virtual events to learn about composting and make your garden grow better, what “organic” means, and how to grow a salsa garden.

There are word games, backyard mysteries to solve scientifically, Earth Day art to print out and color, and fun projects to design and build.

And you can listen to what Earth Day means to each of our County supervisors and learn how the County is updating its Climate Action Plan.

In short, you can learn more about our wonderful planet, how to protect it, and have fun doing it.

So, come on! Celebrate Earth Day 2021 virtually with the County of San Diego.

Gig Conaughton is a communications specialist with the County of San Diego Communications Office. Contact