VIDEO: Meet the ‘Betsy Ross’ of San Diego County03:28

VIDEO: Meet the ‘Betsy Ross’ of San Diego County

| 8:30 AM

Back in 1957, the County was looking for someone to create its flag. Estelle Secor was a County employee back then who just so happened to have some really great artistic abilities. So she hand-sewed the flag during the evenings while her husband watched TV. And for many years, it sat proudly in a case in the […]

County Animal Services to the Rescue in Fire Zone00:41

VIDEO: County Animal Services to the Rescue in Fire Zone

| 11:39 AM

County animal control officers have carried out dozens of rescues of animals threatened by the Border Fire. Everything from dogs and cats to sheep, horses and chickens. Residents facing evacuation from the fire who need help rescuing or removing animals can call the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services dispatch at (619) 236-2341.  

County Salutes Its Volunteers15:37

VIDEO: County Salutes Its Volunteers

| 10:00 AM

They provide valuable service for one very low cost – free! Last fiscal year, 41,772 residents gave their time to the County of San Diego, resulting in an estimated value of nearly $44.5 million. That’s a lot of volunteering and a lot of money saved! Watch the ways these volunteers give their time to the County.