County Programs Win 51 Achievement Awards

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Some of the 51 County programs that were awarded this year by the National Association of Counties.

The County of San Diego won recognition from the National Association of Counties for 51 programs that improve how government serves the public.  The National Association of Counties Achievement Awards are given each year to recognize outstanding, innovative county government programs all across the United States.

“As county government, we prioritize public service and we are happy to get recognition. These national awards highlight the exemplary work of our entire County team, especially the many employees who worked directly in the programs honored,” said Chair Nathan Fletcher, County Board of Supervisors. “2020 served as a trying year for just about everyone and our County employees responded to various needs that arose out of that quickly and effectively. Several of those programs were among those awarded.”

The awards were selected in various public service categories including: “Children and Youth,” “Arts and Historic Preservation,” “Community/Economic Development,” “Criminal Justice and Safety,” “Emergency Management and Response,” “Environmental Protection and Energy,” “Health,” “Human Services,” “Information Technology” and “Planning.”

Among this year’s winners were programs that did the following: provided training to family caregivers of people with dementia, worked with schools to make sure students who have experienced traumatic events are “handled with care,” rezoned a 1940s U.S. military encampment and a historic place of interest with the community’s help so that it can be improved and enjoyed, and created a penalty waiver system for people who were late to pay property taxes due to financial hardship associated with COVID-19.

The complete list of winning programs and the County departments that developed them:

  1. FIRST: Dementia Capability Through IDEA Behavioral Symptom Management Training – Aging and Independence Services
  2. FIRST: Boosting Dementia Capability Through Cognitive Screening – Aging and Independence Services
  3. Aging Roadmap: Creating Thriving Communities for People of all Ages – Aging and Independence Services
  4. SchooLink – Behavioral Health Services
  5. Managing Remote Employees Virtual Course – Human Resources
  6. Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) Ergonomic Tips: Working from Home – Human Resources
  7. Roaming Outpatient Access Mobile (ROAM) – Behavioral Health Services
  8. Microlearning Series – Behavioral Health Services
  9. HHSA Central and South Region Homeless Service – Central Region
  10. HHSA Central and South Region CWS Intern Program with ARTS (A Reason to Survive) – Central Region
  11. Workforce Training and Development Units – Child Welfare Services
  12. Returned Mail Scanning Automation – Eligibility Operations Administration
  13. Live Well Mobile Office Pandemic Response – Central Region
  14. Regional Hotel Assistance Program – Housing and Community Development
  15. COVID-19 Early Alert System: Safer at School Early Alert System – Public Health Services
  16. County Elimination Initiatives – Public Health Services
  17. San Diego County Perinatal Equity Initiative – Public Health Services
  18. Public Health Cross Jurisdictional Strategist – Public Health Services
  19. VitalCheck – Public Health Services
  20. Whole Genome Sequencing – Public Health Services
  21. Emergency Access Program Gives Vulnerable Residents Peace of Mind – San Diego County Fire/Fire Protection District
  22. CHOICE Program – San Diego County Probation
  23. Handle with Care Program – San Diego County District Attorney
  24. COVID-19 Inbox Project – Office of Emergency Services
  25. Emergency Child Care Plan in Response to COVID-19 – Office of Emergency Services
  26. San Diego County District Attorney Insurance Fraud & Workplace Justice Division – San Diego County District Attorney
  27. Light Pollution Ordinance – Planning & Development Services
  28. Camp Lockett Master Plan – Planning & Development Services
  29. Permit Streamlining and Innovations for Energy Resiliency – Planning & Development Services
  30. Permit Streamlining, and Self-Certification Program – Planning & Development Services
  31. Safe Reopening Compliance Team – Planning & Development Services
  32. Underground Storage Tank Plan Check– Environmental Health
  33. Drone Monitoring – Information Technology
  34. Housing Production and Capacity Portal – Planning & Development Services
  35. Building Inspector Mobile App – Planning & Development Services
  36. Video Inspection Program – Agriculture, Weights and Measures
  37. All Hazards Tool – Information Technology
  38. Virtual Appeal Hearings – Planning & Development Services
  39. Expansion of Digital and Online Services – Planning & Development Services
  40. Mobile Workforce: Code Compliance Officers in the Field – Planning & Development Services
  41. Digital Library Project – Library
  42. Sweetwater Bike Park – Parks and Recreation
  43. Estrella Park – Parks and Recreation
  44. Virtual Recreation Center – Parks and Recreation
  45. COVID-19 Property Tax Penalty Cancellation – Treasurer Tax Collector
  46. Marriage Hut – Assessor Recorder County Clerk
  47. Streamlined Defaulted Penalty Cancellation and Split Process – Treasurer Tax Collector
  48. JELS Agency Drop Box for Local Law Enforcement – County Technology Office
  49. 5 Day Challenge – Human Resources
  50. Trek Across County Trails – Human Resources
  51. Virtual Employee Wellness Program – Human Resources

The complete list of winning programs can be seen in a searchable database.

Yvette Urrea Moe is a communications specialist with the County of San Diego Communications Office. Contact