County Thanks Its Volunteers

Video by Suzanne Bartole

Volunteering with the County of San Diego is an opportunity to give back to your community. On Tuesday, the County’s large volunteer force was recognized at an annual ceremony at the County Administration Center, prior to the Board of Supervisors meeting.

Some 37,826 volunteers gave their time and heart to the County during fiscal year 2016-17, resulting in an estimated value of more than $40 million. Additionally, $818,456 in monetary and gifts were donated to volunteer programs.

The wide array of services the County provides means volunteer opportunities with departments as varied as Animal Services, Libraries, Parks and Recreation, the Sheriff’s Department and Emergency Services.

The following people were singled out at Tuesday’s ceremony for honors by the departments they served:

  • Sarah Astor – Alternate Public Defender
  • Amy Mansfield – Animal Services
  • Kaylee Riddle – Child Support Services
  • Bob Bednar – Department of Public Works
  • Kim Esterly – Health and Human Services Agency, Child Welfare Services Foster Youth & Mentor Program
  • Angelica Velasco – Health and Human Services Agency, East & North Central Regions
  • Alma Detten – Health and Human Services Agency, North Coastal & North Inland Regions
  • David Benz – Health and Human Services Agency, Edgemoor
  • Deanna Duncan – Health and Human Services Agency, Child Welfare Services Polinsky Children’s Center
  • Shaun Stroup, Kathy Carr, Patrick Sullivan, Lam Nguyen, Karl Ramsing – County Library
  • Kathleen Sergent – Department of Parks & Recreation
  • Katelyn Peters – Primary Public Defender
  • Whitney Willis – Probation
  • Eleanor Ashbaugh – Registrar of Voters
  • Randy Sherman – Sheriff
  • Heather Barrett Warner, Lara Woliung, Sonya Prestridge and Robert Frey – UC Cooperative Extension

Are you looking to volunteer for the County? Here’s how to get started.