Favorite County News Center Stories of 2019

2019 CNC stories collage

As we head into 2020, let’s take a quick look back at 2019. San Diego County residents were captivated by crane flies and curious about the top baby names. Housing was a big issue and a people were always looking for things to do.

In case you missed them, here are some of our top County News Center stories from 2019.

Curious About Crane Flies?

Crane flies look like giant mosquitoes, but they’re not. They fly around in crazy patterns, bouncing off walls, ceilings and lights. Find out how a rainy winter can impact the crane fly population.

crane fly






Always Something to Do

Every year, we publish a list of more than 100 free things for County residents to do in July. From community celebrations to fitness activities to Spam cookoffs, the list is extensive. The great free activities offered by the County aren’t limited to July. Check out our event calendar for year-round activities.

Take a Hike

Literally! How many of our County trails to try in 2019 were you able to check off your list? We’ve got over 360 miles of hiking, biking and equestrian trails in more than 100 parks and open space preserves for you to explore all year.





Care to Dance?

You’ll know when you walk into a web spun by the orb weaver spider. They’re enormous circular webs that often stretch between trees, trees and your home or even your home and your car. The strands are sticky and if you walk into one, you’ll do what our County supervising vector ecologist calls “the crazy spider dance” trying to get it off you.

orb spider





Housing Issues

Housing was a big issue in the County in 2019. County Supervisors took several actions to help the affordable housing crisis. In January, they waived fees on building “accessory dwelling units,” often called granny flats. Later in the year, they launched an incentive program offering free, pre-approved accessory home plans to residents in the unincorporated areas.

A Disease Warning

By March, 16 San Diego children had been diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease. The San Diego County Health and Human Services issued an advisory to the local medical community to be on the look out for more cases. Untreated, approximately one-quarter of children with the disease develop coronary artery aneurysms.






“Furever” Homes

The annual Clear the Shelters event waives adoption fees for all dogs, cats and animals on the day of the event in hopes of finding homes for pets from our County animal shelters in Bonita and Carlsbad. This year, 119 dogs and cats found new, loving homes. You can always find pets up for adoption any time of the year.

Two dogs and a cat with new owners
Here are just three of the 119 dogs and cats that were adopted on Clear the Shelters Day 2019 from County shelters.






Shake, Shake, Shake

Cell phones buzzed all over the County as the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services joined with the state’s Office of Emergency Services and the U.S. Geological Survey to conduct a test of the Wireless Emergency Alert system. They were testing to see if it could be effectively used for the California Earthquake Early Warning. You can sign up for AlertSanDiego online.

Photo of an iPhone with an Emergency Alert text.

Baby Talk

San Diego residents were curious about the top baby names from 2018. The County Health and Human Services Agency records births in the county and compiles a list of the top ten boy and girl names.

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