Happy Ending for Buzz and Woody

Buzz may be named after a character from the film, Toy Story, but the rescued dog is now the star of his own home movie, making a splash with his new forever family.

Buzz is one of two Jack Russell terrier mix puppies that nearly died from bee stings after being found tied to a tree under an active bee hive May 31. The other dog is named Woody, of course. Now, they are healthy, happy and settling into their new homes.

Buzz and Woody were adopted Friday at the Department of Animal Services shelter in San Diego. Woody went home with Dinah and Richard Hamilton of Mira Mesa and Buzz with Shay and Broc Mushet of Rancho Peñasquitos. 

Both families sent updates on how the two six-month-old puppies are doing. You can see Woody isn’t shy about making himself at home.  Buzz took a field trip to Julian with his new family and found himself in the swim of things with his new doggie playmates! Check out the home video.