VIDEO: Pest Detector Works Like a Dog

And that’s because he is one!

The County’s Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures favorite canine colleague has four legs and the best sense of smell. Doesn’t hurt that he’s cute, too!

Tuk is the newest detection dog used by the department to help inspectors sniff out packages that come through that mail that may contain harmful pests or diseases.

“They find us unmarked boxes that we would never see,” says Agriculture, Weights and Measures employee Jeremy Partch, who also is Tuk’s handler. “We’re really trying to use these dogs to find backyard fruit, new shippers and receivers.”

Tuk uses his keen sense of smell to sniff out these types of packages and Partch says the dogs find several hundred to a thousand of them in a year.

Watch the video above to see how Tuk, who is adopted, is trained to sniff out the bad stuff.